Private Wealth Services

For decades, we have served high-net-worth clients, cultivating relationships that span generations, helping our clients and their families reach their financial goals.

What distinguishes Jarislowsky Fraser is the firm’s unwavering investment philosophy. We employ a low-risk approach to capital appreciation, offering one of the lowest fee scales in the industry. We place our clients’ best interests at the forefront, building and managing custom investment portfolios to meet each client’s specific needs and objectives.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Jarislowsky Fraser customizes portfolios for private clients on a segregated basis to meet their specific needs and requirements. We aim to build portfolios that provide long term, above-average performance while prioritizing capital preservation and low risk.

Private clients benefit from this exclusive service in a number of ways:

  • Each portfolio is unique and tailored to individual client needs. Segregated portfolios are designed to meet specific objectives, such as higher yield, capital preservation and long-term growth, offering greater asset allocation flexibility.
  • Possibility of excluding specific investments. With segregated management, our clients have the option of tailoring their portfolio to prohibit specific investments.
  • Greater control of tax considerations. Clients have the flexibility to structure their portfolios in the most tax-efficient manner for their situation, avoiding embedded capital gains that typically exist in a pooled fund or mutual fund structure.
  • Clarity. Clients have a clearer picture of the individual securities that they own and can therefore follow companies in their portfolio, should they so wish.
  • Lower fees. Segregated management is generally less costly than a "portfolio of funds" approach, since fees decrease (as a percentage of assets under management) as the portfolio grows. Plus, we offer our clients one of the most competitive fee scales in the industry.



Building a Custom Portfolio

Each portfolio management team works closely with the client to construct a custom investment portfolio, which involves these five steps:


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Sub-Advisory Relationships

Wraps & Separately and Unified Managed Accounts (SMAs/UMAs)

Jarislowsky Fraser has agreements with U.S.-based broker dealers to manage International Equity ADR portfolios for their clients. The firm serves as the asset manager, while the broker dealer provides client servicing and custodial arrangements for the assets.